Perfect Skin Serum


Perfect skin serum with its high percentage of vitamin C is your first defence to keep skin young looking as it stimulates collagen. Apart from smoothing out the skin’s surface, you have the added help of shedding dead skin cells, reducing the look of pigmentation or dull, sallow skin. Finally, the Vitamin C prevents the over production of melanin in your skin. Therefore anyone with dark spots or melasma, this is your go to product! Great for sun damage, breakouts, pigmentation or anti- ageing.

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The perfect skin serum is a comprehensive antioxidant super serum. This incredible skin changer takes advantage of each of the unique antioxidant delivery methods and chemical interactions  to ultimately combat oxidative stress and provide additional hydration and skin lightening benefits. The scientific compatibility and enhancement that these selective ingredients provide help combat oxidative stress on multiple levels, for a deeper more satisfying antioxidant treatment than any one ingredient on its own.




L-ascorbic Acid (vitamin C, lightening) Propylene Glycol (absorption).